Monday, July 13, 2009

sendMap20 rev 6.0 for Windows

Software for uploading maps to your GPS.

It now uses the official Garmin USB driver. Before using, you should install the USB driver for your GPS. If your GPS is RS based only OR your GPS is visible as USB-storage drive, you don't have to install this USB driver. The RS interface will work fine as well as USB-storage drives does not require any additional driver. You can download the USB driver from Garmin's site.
To see how to use it - start it without '-h'

New features:
* Automatic recognition of devices which are visible as USB-storage drives
* Store a file list on disk (TXT file) that can be used later with '-f' option
* Read file list (just drag and drop TXT file)
* Support up to 2GB
* Check for available memory in GPS - now sendmap will not start the upload process if there is not enough memory
* Ability to change the 'region name' for every file
* Support for uploading several TYP files (customization of built in types) - TYP files are used on maps with the same region name
* Fixed uploading of several unlock keys
* Fixed saving to text file TYP and MDR files (filelist)

Recent fixes:
* Create an EXE with TYP files included
* Fixes issues with mapset names

Windows XP/Wndows 2000

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